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By far...the best pizza in the world! Our family loves this place. Great people, good location, and incredible food. Love the atmosphere too! Give them a call today or go visit the shop. You will not be disappointed. Get pizza and add some garlic rolls too!

John Griffin Avatar John Griffin
February 9, 2023

This is one of the best pizzerias I've been to. The pizza is served hot and crispy. It is absolutely delicious and very different from fast-food type pizza. It's not greasy, and is cheesy and soft. Also, the atmosphere is very warm and pleasant, and the service was good as well. Overall, I highly recommend coming here for the unique, delicious pizza!

Emma E Avatar Emma E
February 16, 2023

This is a gem of a place in Mount Juliet. This city let's too many chain restaurants, and having a decent and awesome pizza place like this is a blessing. The pizza is fantastic and unique. There is always a need for Domino's, Little Caesars, etc... but this is where you go when you're feeding your family. Unique pizzas that satisfy a palate looking for something other than cheese pizza. Go here, give them business, and eat some delicious pizza.

Joshua Gamradt Avatar Joshua Gamradt
January 9, 2023

Always very good.

KhaKom Talk Show Avatar KhaKom Talk Show
January 9, 2023

We have a new favorite pizza and wing place! The pizza was cooked to perfection. The crust was light and fluffy without being undercooked or overcooked. The sausage had a hint of spice with a subtle sweetness. The pepperoni was crisp, but not dry and very flavorful and fresh. The pineapples were fresh and the pizza was nothing short of delicious. We also had the buffalo chicken wings (that were baked in the pizza oven instead of fried). They were amazingly meaty, very moist, with the perfect cooked skin. Top them off with the buffalo sauce that was not to hot, but had a little kick and a fabulous taste. This place is the real deal - you won’t be disappointed. I know now why it had so many great reviews. The waiter gave us great service, was very professional and very friendly. We really enjoyed being seated at his table and he took great care of us. We will be back as much as possible when in the area.

Leah n Nel Garcia Avatar Leah n Nel Garcia
February 9, 2023

Great pizza. However, I wish they had a few more interesting types of pizza. Their options are pretty standard, nothing too fun. Prices are a little high and the atmosphere is alright. Staff is kind but sometimes slow. Still worth 4 stars though.

Sean Wiedenfeld Avatar Sean Wiedenfeld
March 2, 2023

Best Pizza in MJ by far.

Rob Williams Avatar Rob Williams
March 15, 2023

Really short version: great food, fantastic service, great ambiance. Just go! 3/15/2023 update - still love it, still maintain below review. They've added some great bourbons and local beers which is nice to see. Details: I generally frequent a restaurant based on the taste of the food, the service and the ambiance. Without going all mathematical on everyone, let's just say that I want you to consider these things as subjective. Like music, beer, wine, and art, we all have our own tastes. Food: pizza comes in many flavors. I LOVE coal-fired pizza. To me, the flavors of the sauce, cheese, and toppings come through better when "flash cooked" at 800 or 1200 degrees for 3 or 6 minutes than cooked more slowly at 450ish. So, keeping that in mind, you'll get tons of tomato flavor from the tomato-based sauce, the veggies are crisp and still full of flavor, and the spices of the meats can be identified easily. If you want a deep dish cheese filled Chicago style pizza, this probably isn't your place. Rumor has it that the chicken wings are great, but I can't confirm as I've never had them. Salads are huge and I've had and loved all of them. Garlic knots, bruschetta, and capresse are all so good that we're frequently flummoxed when trying to choose. From a dessert perspective, I would choose the Lemoncello cake, but the tierra missou is great too. Service: we've been coming here for two years and service has been great EVERY time. What prompted me to write this review was tonight's service. For whatever reason, my shirt was driving me bat-$#!+ crazy tonight. I mean I nearly Hulked out and tore off my shirt. I begged Valon (the owner) for a shirt, after Dollar General was closed, and he came through with a shirt. There's no better service that I can think of than that. Don, behind the bar is always awesome, kitchen and wait staff are always prompt and courteous. Ambiance: It's a pizza joint. I don't know what to say beyond that. It's your corner place where you're going to run into people that you know and love. Overall: we're here every seven to twelve days. Often times we wish it were more, but our figures couldn't withstand more frequent visits. I truly hope you visit this place and enjoy it half as much as we do. Below written a year ago.... Great food, great service, great ambiance. Their garlic knots, bruschetta and caprese are all awesome. Salads are huge; Caesar and house are great - haven't tried the Mediterranean. Italian meat pizza and Supreme are both awesome as is the calzone. Tiramisu is super yummy. All in all, we love the place.

Justin Sayre Avatar Justin Sayre
March 15, 2023

Great pizza!!

jerry eden Avatar jerry eden
February 9, 2023

Hosted an event there and could not be more happy with the restaurant, staff, and owner. Absolutely fantastic!

Jody Kelley Avatar Jody Kelley
February 9, 2023

Was searching desperately for a place to eat in the area and decided to go here… NO REGRETS. It was delicious… amazing crust. We were a group of four and we got 2 16” and had 6 pieces leftover. Waitress was pleasant and service was quick! Hope to be back!

Alexa Jantz Avatar Alexa Jantz
January 9, 2023

Amazing pizza!!!

Adalynn D Avatar Adalynn D
February 9, 2023

The waiter gave us great service, was very professional and very friendly. We really enjoyed being seated at his table and he took great care of us. We will be back as much as possible when in the area.

Antoine Morales Avatar Antoine Morales
March 14, 2023

Wonderful place to eat. We LOVE fire baked pizza. These people are so nice. The pizza & garlic knots was delicious also. Our server was so very nice. This place is 5 S*T*A*R*S* THANK YOU FOLKS YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!! Rick Ramsey Cookeville, TN Parking: Large free parking lot. Easy in easy out

Richard Ramsey Avatar Richard Ramsey
February 16, 2023

Exceptional, quick service and the best garlic knots and margarita pizza anywhere in the state. Very good bruschetta and pizza Bianca as well

DarKnight _87 * Avatar DarKnight _87 *
February 9, 2023

The marinara sauce was exceptional, it elevated the already fantastic garlic knots to another level. The pizza could use slightly more sauce, and the crust was a little "well done" for my liking. Overall an excellent dining experience ranking at 7/10.

Leo Tenco Avatar Leo Tenco
February 9, 2023