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my sister and I love this place! so delicious.

Karen Spear Avatar Karen Spear
June 17, 2024

Great pizza at an affordable price 😋

Luis Cruz Avatar Luis Cruz
June 10, 2024

Yummiest pizza and great staff!

Geethu Tom Avatar Geethu Tom
June 10, 2024

Always perfection!

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K Avatar K
June 10, 2024

In MT Juliet for the weekend and had take out pizza. It was wonderful.

Richie Brashears Avatar Richie Brashears
June 3, 2024

Was surprised by this place! Delicious

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Mary K Avatar Mary K
May 27, 2024

The most authentic Italian style pizza 🍕 I have ever had. They have a brick oven, which makes a huge difference in the crust. Delicious 😋 we come back as often as we can. My favorite one is the Margherita pizza.

Maria Johnson Avatar Maria Johnson
May 27, 2024

*Update May 2024* it's still here even after mother nature tried to wash it away and they came back better than ever. Great new look and STILL Great Pizza! *End*Great new addition to the area. Staff was great and pizza was excellent. We expect we will be frequent customers.

Chris DuBois Avatar Chris DuBois
May 27, 2024

Love, love the pizza they can get very busy order to go order a pretty large. Everything was perfect.

K Soderman Avatar K Soderman
May 19, 2024

They close at 9 PM and we got there at 8:40 PM, but the staff was cheerful as could be. The pizza came out quick and was super tasty! We’ll be back!

tntxcarl Avatar tntxcarl
May 16, 2024

First time, got 16in peperoni with mushrooms was fresh and light, thin crust, for my daughter, grandson and myself, have dine in and take out, plus a bar for drinks and tvs to watch sports, atmosphere was comfortable and pleasant, will go there and try a different pizza next time, nice crowd coming and going Parking: It's in a plaza so parking is OK, it can be tight by the pizza place,guess abt 20 cars can park there plus in the rest of the Plaza they are located on the end.

Gene Chenault Avatar Gene Chenault
May 15, 2024

My wife and I LOVE this place! We are gluten intolerant and although the pizzas are pricey, the gluten free pizza is so good!

Kyle Schmaltz Avatar Kyle Schmaltz
May 14, 2024

Best pizza in Mount Juliet. I don't go anywhere else.

Damita Perez Avatar Damita Perez
May 14, 2024

Best pizza place ever in Tennessee

b ruzek Avatar b ruzek
May 13, 2024

Tasty food and a pleasant staff at a reasonable price. What's more to ask for?

Dylan Rickaby Avatar Dylan Rickaby
May 6, 2024

Their pizza is great and their wing appetizers are my favorite!

Elizabeth Martin Avatar Elizabeth Martin
May 6, 2024

Definitely worth a try. But make sure you eat there and not have it delivered for the best experience.

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ahmad kalair Avatar ahmad kalair
May 6, 2024

First time patron with family. Being from NYC am partial to a certain type of Pizza. My son picked Calabria’s as its oven brick, so we had high hopes. We were not disappointed. Fantastic pies. What impressed me is the sliced sausage. Over that hamburger meat style bits way better flavor. Of the three of us everyone agrees, five star flavor and the perfect amount of cheese. My son went in to pick up the pizza. Commented how nice it is inside. Even though this was a twenty minute drive it is worth the effort. We called ahead and it was ready by the time we arrived for pick up. Will be back. Not only when visiting but I’m sure in the meantime the family will consider it a great option when craving NY style slices.

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Ask Miss Patience Avatar Ask Miss Patience
May 6, 2024

Delicious food, great service, and a lovely patio to dine on a nice day. I've heard good things about this place and they were accurate. Can't wait to go back!

Sydney Desind Avatar Sydney Desind
April 29, 2024

Most excellent pizza! Highly recommend! Service outstanding! All ingredients fresh and delicious!

Amy Meyer Avatar Amy Meyer
April 29, 2024

They have one of best pizza's I have ever ate.

Mark Cook Avatar Mark Cook
April 20, 2024

Very good pizza. Fresh sauce and crust was excellent. Garlic bread were great. Also, the chicken wings were good too

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Chad Avatar Chad
April 8, 2024

The food was good. Service and speed food coming out was excellent. Had a nice atmosphere.

Bonnie Mooney Avatar Bonnie Mooney
March 4, 2024

Really good pizza, great crust, solid flavor. Had three different pizza’s…Quattro Fromage, Mushroom and Onion, and The Meat…all with ample toppings and cooked perfectly. This is a great place for some pies and the garlic knots were AWESOME! Some of the best around…they don’t go crazy with the garlic and oil and the marinara on the side has great flavor. This place has a cool vibe to it, liked the garage doors in the bar area and it looks like a nice place for a party. Our server Bella was awesome and took great care of us.

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Joe LaFerriere Avatar Joe LaFerriere
March 4, 2024

Fantastic Pizza! The only thing I will say is that it's a little dark. It's hard for me to see the menu.

Staci Rose Avatar Staci Rose
March 4, 2024

Bursting with flavor, clean and inviting dining room, and fantastic service! We chose Calabria because they had a gluten free pizza. Plus, we love brick oven grilled pizza! The server was attentive, hospitable, and knowledgeable about what they could do to accommodate our family’s gluten allergy. The caprese salad was wonderfully fresh and flavorful. The winner of the night was the incomparable Garlic Parmigiana wings! That dish was absolutely delightful! The wings are not fried or greasy! They are cooked in the brick oven grill! The chicken was tender and juicy. The sauce they were tossed in was phenomenal! The gluten free pizza options are either a cauliflower crust or a rice flour crust. We chose the rice flour, because w e aren’t fans of that weird twang that cauliflower pizzas can have. The Margherita rice flour pizza had their San Marzano sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil. The presentation was wonderful. The crust was a bit well done. Next time we will ask for them to cook it a bit less. The flavor was amazing! We also got a regular dough pizza for those of us without an allergy. We chose the PIZZA BIANCA (Ricotta cheese + Asiago Cheese + Fresh Mozzarella + Pecorino Romano + Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Ok, this was scrumdillyumptious! The ricotta cheese made it divine! We will definitely get this one again! We ordered a gluten free rice flour crust Nutella pizza to take home. Muhahahahaha! This will be a fun treat for the kids later tonight. Well done, Calabria! We are new fans!

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Moody Molavi Avatar Moody Molavi
March 4, 2024

Wonderful pizza and garlic knots every time. Great atmosphere and service. Best pizza in town. Still the best pizza in town!

Sheena Cregan Avatar Sheena Cregan
February 26, 2024

Amazing pizza, loved it

rocky lewis Avatar rocky lewis
February 19, 2024

Top 3 best pizza I ever had. Best restaurant in Mt juliet to me, AND MJ is my hometown. Fantastic incredible pizza here.

Kirk Snider Avatar Kirk Snider
February 18, 2024

Beautiful atmosphere. The staff was great. The food was awesome.

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Katie Cate Avatar Katie Cate
February 18, 2024

Nashville easily has some of the choicest food in the state. However, outside the city limits, at the Mount of Juliet, there is a holy site that exceeds the quality of any pizza west of Percy Priest. A place where just the aroma confuses the reality and senses those beholding it. Their eyes will tell them they are in Tennessee somewhere in North America, but their nose will betray the eyes and heckle them with shouts of rustic stone villas seasoned in olive oil and adorned in San Marzano tomato sauce. One has only to close their eyes to be sure that they are not in America, but in fact at the home of Francis Coppola himself. The authentic wood-fired oven is the crucible by which only the sublime exits. The dross of garden variety mediocre pizza is consumed by flame, leaving just pure sacrament behind, holy and intact. Should you enter this establishment, you will walk in an innocent American, and leave a convicted mafia don with sworn family you never knew. If upon arrival your occupation is a physician,engineer,attorney,physicist, or accountant, you will leave a hardened smuggler of fine Italian ingredients with a resolution double that of any previously held ambition. By the time you finish your second slice, you will notice a slight burning sensation just below your clavicles. Concerned, you will make haste to the Corinto almond tiled bathrooms where upon inspection, you will see scripture spontaneously tattooed upon once ink-less skin. The scripture will read; "Thou shalt not taint thine holy pizza with thine unholy anchovies." - (Pepperonians 13:4) There is only one name for such a place. Calabrias.

Trey Parkinson Avatar Trey Parkinson
February 18, 2024

Good pizza and great service

linda binkley Avatar linda binkley
February 18, 2024

We get the Bianca Pizza. Not a better one in Wilson County.

cal hyland Avatar cal hyland
February 18, 2024

Our pizza was delicious. Hot and fresh. We were highly impressed with the food. Dietary restrictions: They also have gluten-free dough as an option.

Mike Cox Avatar Mike Cox
February 18, 2024

Great place!

Greg Timmons Avatar Greg Timmons
February 18, 2024

I'm not sure it is possible to make a better pizza. I was disappointed that I wasn't hungrier so I could eat more. The sauce, cheese, pepperoni and crust were perfect. Calabria had been recommended to us and everyone was right; it is fantastic.

R Russell Avatar R Russell
February 18, 2024

I dined in for the first time and was very happy with the service! So far the Mushroom Asiago pizza is my favorite, and I highly recommend the garlic knots!

Lauren Young Avatar Lauren Young
February 18, 2024

Calabria is the BEST pizza in Mount Juliet. No question. The Bianca (white pizza) is our favorite. Their garlic knots are delicious too. Pro tip: put hot honey on the Bianca. It’ll change your life.

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Michael Dobbins Avatar Michael Dobbins
January 29, 2024

The veggie calzone is fantastic! 😋

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Angie Wages Avatar Angie Wages
January 18, 2024

Love this restaurant, wish Doordash would deliver in Lebanon. Best pizza and calzones.

Robyn gutherless Avatar Robyn gutherless
January 8, 2024

Quality brick oven pizza with premium ingredients. A very thin crust up to the edge which becomes chewy and crusty. They even have fresh mushrooms. Great management, servers and full service bar. The only problem we have had is consistency. Sometimes great sometimes the pizza is undercooked even after sending it back! The large pizza is a fantastic value but the smaller pizza cooks more thoroughly in the oven. The salads are expensive for what you get and basic without some ingredients like green olives.

Gavin Avatar Gavin
January 8, 2024

I love this style of pizza! Recommend to barstool sports for review. Valen (sp?) is awesome and more than accommodating with any questions. Go eat there! Having it delivered isn’t the same as tasting the pie right out of their oven. Support local business! 🙏🏻🙏🏻💪🏻🤙🏻

Eric L Avatar Eric L
January 8, 2024

The veggie calzone is fantastic! 😋

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Angie Humphries Avatar Angie Humphries
January 8, 2024

Pizza was really good. Garlic knots are even better 😋 food came out quickly and our server was very nice and checked on us often!

Ana Avatar Ana
January 8, 2024

A+ brick oven pizza! Quick service nice moody atmosphere! Super fresh pizza! And the balsamic dressing was delicious! 10/10 would dine again and recommend!

Camryn Rucker Avatar Camryn Rucker
January 1, 2024

Such delicious pizza! Live a brick oven made pizza and these were perfect. Had the yummy Quattro Formagio and a Pepperoni. So good! No photos cuz I ate it! Added a salad and drinks.

Tracy T Avatar Tracy T
January 1, 2024

My family loves the pizza and garlic knots at Calabria. They also have a good gluten-free crust that I opt for when ordering. We definitely recommend this place.

Kristen Johnson Avatar Kristen Johnson
December 25, 2023

When i'm wanting some brick fired pizza, this place is at the top of my list. The pizza is always good with fresh ingredients, the garlic knots are to die for, and the desserts are decadent. I love the atmosphere. Dimly lit with a romantic vibe. The waiters/waitresses have always been great.

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Ronnie Heady Avatar Ronnie Heady
December 25, 2023

Great food and garlic knots.

Ray Gibbs Avatar Ray Gibbs
November 28, 2023

Kid-friendliness: Perfect for families. Wheelchair accessibility: Easy access into restaurant.

Mike Johnson Avatar Mike Johnson
November 21, 2023

First time having firebrick pizza. It was amazing the food is pricey but everything is fresh and you can taste it. The Canoli was rich but not over the top. Had a pepperoni and Mozzarella calzone. Definitely will return and try their pizza.

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Erick Lambert Avatar Erick Lambert
November 19, 2023

Simple place, good food and food service

Robert Bilderbach Avatar Robert Bilderbach
November 18, 2023

Great pizza! Nice atmosphere, very friendly staff!

Angela Dyer Avatar Angela Dyer
November 13, 2023

I've eaten here 2wice. The pizza is good. I like the Hawaiian pizza the best.

Scott Miller Avatar Scott Miller
November 13, 2023

There food was very delicious. We actually went on a Friday night which it was very busy and took awhile to get our food but it was so good we went back the next night and it wasn't nearly as busy. We will definitely be eating there many more times

Randy Fleming Avatar Randy Fleming
November 6, 2023

Best pizza in middle Tn and beyond! And the drinks on Fridays!! Don and Danny voted the best bartenders in our area!

Toni Jennings Avatar Toni Jennings
October 23, 2023

This place is amazing! The service was a 10/10. The waiters and super nice. The food is probably the best part. And the atmosphere is good. 5/5 definitely recommend

Zaid Avatar Zaid
October 23, 2023

Great food! Amazing atmosphere

Wes Lackey Avatar Wes Lackey
October 20, 2023

Great veggie calzone. Vegetarian options: Calzone...

Mark D Avatar Mark D
October 13, 2023

Sadly, we must be slacking because it took us 6 yrs to find this place and gave it a run today. We're originally from the northeast soooo we KNOW our pizza! This evening we tried their garlic knots as an appetizer and a Margherita style pizza. We were absolutely impressed with both! The service was great and we actually met the owner while there who were super friendly! We also grabbed their large regular cheese pie to go for the kiddo's, who also enjoyed the wood fired flavor. This place WILL BE a regular for us from here on out, looking forward to our next visit!!!

Frank Ortisi Avatar Frank Ortisi
October 13, 2023